10 September 2012 0 Comments

Thirst for Free Energy… Why?

A couple of weeks ago, I shared a link about a free energy sterling engine thing, if you missed it, here it is: http://www.KacperPostawski.com/stirling Now here’s something I’ve been meaning to say for a long time: Over the past 7 years I’ve been involved with the world of free energy… If you’re not familiar with […]

16 August 2011 9 Comments

“The Quickening” – Movie

A movie I think everyone should watch.  Take the information and warnings inside for what they’re worth: The Quickening from keith wyatt on Vimeo. Would to hear from you and what you think about this movie, how did it affect you, are you already preparing for some of the realities presented in this film? Blog […]

28 April 2011 37 Comments

Vilcabamba, Ecuador: A New Life


Over the past few months a realization has been dawning on me, it’s really one that has been taking almost 8 years to grow into maturity… it has finally come into it’s most ripe state, and when it did, it fell off the tree and hit me square on the head: I don’t want live […]

18 April 2011 7 Comments

The Green Beautiful (Movie)

If you’d like to watch something that will up-lift you and give you a sense of renewed vision for what our planet could be like(one day), you’ve got to watch this movie.  You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll feel inspired, it’s one of the best things I’ve ever watched in my life: PS. This movie is […]

16 April 2011 1 Comment

Questions About Biodynamic Farming Secrets

Hey there, Since I’ve released “Biodynamic Farming Secrets”, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about this, I figured I’d try to answer them all here: If you still haven’t checked out the new eBook, go here: http://www.BiodynamicFarmingSecrets.net Questions and Answers: 1. Why are you so excited about this? What is Biodynamic Farming? Biodynamics is […]

9 April 2011 4 Comments

Biodynamic Gardening Secrets… and Rudolf Steiner


I am releasing a new eBook next Tuesday, called “Biodynamic Farming Secrets”… If you haven’t yet heard of Rudolf Steiner, and biodynamic farming, you’re missing out, this is perhaps one of the coolest, mysterious, and most powerful ancient wisdom around today, that so far only a handful of individuals and organizations have tapped into. Biodynamic […]

4 April 2011 26 Comments

Dealing With Banksters, Free Yourself From Bank Related Debt…

Hi everyone, I’ve been meaning to publish this information for quite a while. I recently freed my family from all bank related debt, it was extremely liberating and it helped us get on track with preparing to thrive during the economic meltdown .  If bankster debts are bogging you down, listen, watch, learn, and if […]

27 March 2011 1 Comment

Cool Electric Car Conversion Guide…


How would you like to pay ZERO for gas? As you guys may know, due to global pressures, the economic situation, and now, Japan, oil prices are sky-rocketing.  A few weeks ago I published a short article talking about $5.00 per gallon fuel in the U.S by the end of this year, this is no […]

26 March 2011 31 Comments

Wayseer Manifesto…

I saw this today and I had to share it with you.  The most inspiring thing I’ve seen ever, had me in tears.  I feel like someone has taken a mirror up to my soul and allowed me to look in. Thank you! Blog this! Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook Buzz […]

1 March 2011 52 Comments

Finished Biodome Structure Photos


Here’s some pictures of our finished biodome (the structure).  Right now all there is left to do is put the green-house covering on the south part, and insulating the north wall, which will be made of hemp panels(really cool stuff!). There will be passive water heating as well, as well as many other cool systems […]